This Terms of Use agreement is effective as of: March 3, 2019.
1. Terms Acceptance
2. Business
3. Listing Registration
4. Modification of terms
5. FLIP RAIN fee
6. Invoice
7. Contract Terminate
8. Marketing
9. Disclaimer
10. Miscellaneous
11. Copy of Terms
1. Terms Acceptance
This term is an AGREEMENT between FLIPRAIN, company incorporates under the company act 2013
operating from it’s register Delhi office(cn-36, street no-1, wazirabad , Delhi-110084) and
Promoter.These terms are for using our search services via; our website(I;e, domain links, advertisement . Fliprain only provide search services for catering and banquet services across delhi/ncr through Internet medium I;e website . Fliprain purpose is to give information to the user in user friendly manner.
2. Business
Business from two segment can only list with us i;e Catering and Banquet hall. Fliprain does not guarantee any business as Flip Rain only provides information of two segment mentioned above to user . Promoter agree that Flip Rain is a mediator between user and Promoter. Promoter agree that he/she will be responsible to keep payment transaction of his own business between him/her and user. Company will not be responsible for any kind of transaction which is done between Promoter and user .
3. Listing Registration
While entering into the contract Promoter agree to pay ONE-TIME registration charges and that is non
refundable by the company in any circumstances.
  • Promoter can pay one-time registration charges through( Cheque, online mode through FLIP RAIN website, Demand Draft etc..
  • If Promoter wishes to pay in cash mode without any resource than it will be on his/her own risk company will not liable for this.
  • GST of 18% is inclusive in the registration charges paid by Promoter at the time of listing.
  •  Without registration charges Promoter will not get any kind of business from us.
  • If customer wishes to withdraw his/her listing Promoter have to give written confirmation and no registration charges will be refund.
  • Promoter agree and no obligation from Promoter for taking personal and business information.
  • Promoter agree that the payment which he made online through FLIPRAIN website is safe and secure.
  • Promoter agree that he his responsible and cross verifying his/her business details.
  • Promoter agree that photographs related to his business should be put on FLIPRAIN website.
  • Business Registration can only be available for those business entities , companies, proprietorship firm and partnership firm which are authorized under the law. Promoter of business firm who are below 18 year of age are not authorized under Indian law to advertise his business over FLIPRAIN. Promoter agree with above terms .
  • Promoter agree that Information on our website will remain active till promoter will not inform us via email to delete it.

Hereby Promoter is agree for above (3) clause- LISTING REGISTRATION.

4. Modification of Terms
FLIP RAIN can change, modify the Terms and condition any point of time without any prior notice. You can check terms and condition regularly by visiting FLIPRAIN.COM/Terms for Promoter column.
5. Flip Rain Fees
Flip Rain in both the segments require desires percentage of total amount of work done (fee)
after completion of lead.i;e requirement posted by user on FLIPRAIN and permitting the Promoter to contact the user. Promoter agrees that after completion of work upon that lead Promoter has to pay 8% of total amount of work done to the company as commision.
First lead will be charge @3% of total amount of work done from the Promoter and after that 8% will be applicable to all leads.
As you know that taxes are applicable to all the transaction .All taxes are included in above
percentage taken from Promoter.
6. Invoice
(a) On making the one time registration charges . FLIP RAIN will issue a invoice in which total amount paid by Promoter and taxes are mentioned.
(b) Promoter agree with the term that taxes may change according to the government rules
and same tax will be applicable at the time of registration.
7. Contract Terminate
Promoter agree that services will get stop if it seems that user has given a complaint regarding
Promoter by not fulfilling his/her work. After resolving the issue with user . Promoter has to
inform FLIP RAIN and on mutual understanding between Promoter and user , services will resume there by to Promoter.
Promoter agree that after completion of work upon the lead given by FLIP RAIN if he/she denied to pay agreed percentage commision (clause 6) to FLIP RAIN within 10 days of work completion then company can take legal action against Promoter or will terminate the services till the payment will not receive by Promoter to company.
8. Marketing
Promoter agree that FLIP RAIN can do advertisement , promotion & publicity of FLIP RAIN on Promoter property (it shall be home , office, banquet hall etc) when ever it needed. There
should be no obligation from Promoter to use his property area for FLIP RAIN advertisement.
Expenses on advertisement will be paid by FLIP RAIN.
9. Confidential Terms
Information of user shared by FLIP RAIN to Promoter should be keep confidential during the contract and not to be share with 3 rd party for any type of commission gain. If FLIP RAIN comes to know about any kind of practice done by Promoter than FLIP RAIN can terminate the Promoter listing and contract.
Under law FLIP RAIN can take legal action against the Promoter.
10. Disclaimer
Promoter agree that he/she will solely responsible for all the matter between him and user. FLIP RAIN is not responsible for any type of matter related to payment through user to Promoter or Promoter to
user in both the segment I;e catering and banquet hall.
In case of any misconduct by Promoter to user than further services from FLIP RAIN will be stopped till
the user issue is not resolved.
11. Miscellaneous
  • FLIP RAIN execution of the contract shall be final on Promoter.
  • Promoter agree for all the above clause mentioned by the company.
  • Promoter agree with FLIPRAIN that any kind of discount will be on company .
12. Copy of Terms
Promoter will get copy of terms and condition by hard copy and through mail also. Please
read the terms and condition before signing.