The terms is effective as of : March 3,2019
1. Your acceptance of this agreement.
This agreement is between the company (FLIP RAIN), a company incorporated under the companies act of 2013 on registered address i;e cn-36, Kh no – 275/175, wazirabad , delhi-110084 . These terms of use defines your limit and legal rights. It governs the FLIP RAIN is a search service for two segment i;e catering and banquet hall through it’s website “FLIPRAIN.COM”. Above terms apply to all the user’s of the website.
The website is owned by Fliprain (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
User accepts that FLIP RAIN can make any changes in terms or on the website without any prior notice.
User can experience the wide range of information related to caterers and banquet halls in delhi/ncr.
Website is for your personal purpose use only. User accept that FLIPRAIN is a platform where user
submitted information according to their need and budget and that information is shared between that
particular business segment & user i;e (catering and banquet hall). Your are not allowed to do data mining , scraping from the website nor to use or copy any of the content on the website. You can not use information for commercial purpose. Flip rain logo , tag line, punch line and all other products right to FLIP RAIN .
User agree for all above terms and condition hereby.
2. Review and Rating by user
User accept that he/she is responsible for any kind of rating or review which he gave to the particular
business. FLIP RAIN is just a mediator between user and a business promoter. User is free to post any type of rating and review on promoter’s profile.
Flip Rain will not view or edit the rating ad review posted by user nor Flip Rain has any issue in posting any kind of review to promoter’s profile by user.
Flip Rain has a right to delete only sexual, threatening , against law or constitution reviews which are posted by the user and Fliprain has a right to take legal action against him. User agree that wrong attempt to hack or security of the site will lead to legal action against the user.
3. Privacy policy
FLIP RAIN will protect all your confidential information . To read privacy policy kindly refer to the privacy policy segment.
4. Offers
User agree that Flip Rain provides offer time to time in offer menu . User can avail offer as soon as they
final their deal with the particular business promoter which Flip Rain shared the information. User have
to provide information related to final budget and date of venue on our offer segment so that he/she
can avail offer. If user forgot to post after finalizing the deal with business promoter than offer will be
null and void . User have to post the details in offer segment within 48 hours of finalize.
If by any means the deal got canceled with the business promoter of user than offer will automatically canceled.
FlipRain has right to change offer time to time . Offer can be same or different in both segment i;e
catering and banquet halls.
5. Information Disclaimer
User agree that his information i;e Name, venue details mobile no , timing , date, should be
share with business promoters. No obligation is there from user’s side. User agree that after
posting his/her requirement Flip Rain can contact him/her for further conversation or confirming the correct details . User agree that whether his mobile no is listed under DND (do not disturb) Flip Rain can call , can do promotional sms on his/her mobile no. Flip Rain as no control over the accuracy ,
material nor we guarantee any of technical errors. FLIP RAIN is not responsible for any kind of
viruses from the content or data.
Flip Rain does not do screening or investigate any business listing . The listing which reflect on
website is just a content material. User will use the site on his/her own risk.
6. Flip Rain Guaranteed
Flip Rain guaranteed that the information which we share with user are verified at the time of
listing of business promoter’s . Flip Rain does not guarantee any kind of transaction which made by user to business promoter’s or business promoter to user’s. Flip Rain is not responsible for any kind of claim from user’s and business promoter’s for any kind of issue between them.
7. Flip Rain Right’s
Flip Rain right to reserved for his logo ,company name, tag line , punchline, content and all other images which are entitled under the website. 
8. Limitations of liability
In no event shall FLIP RAIN or it’s employee will liable to you for any kind of direct or  indirect incident, damage (but not limited to loss of any business loss , profit or other advantage) whatever resulting from
(a) any kind of non delivery of services by business promoter.
(b) any kind of money matter or dispute between the user and business promoter.
(c) in any kind of mis-happening with business promoter or user on their personal front.
(d)any kind of harassment between user and business promoters.
User agree all above Terms and condition together with privacy policy published by Flip Rain on
website shall constitute the entire agreement between you and Flip Rain.if any term of use is
invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction , the invalidity shall not affect of remaining terms and condition.
2019 @ FLIPRAIN (OPC) PVT. LTD. Has all reserved rights.